Kelvin Moon Loh

This is a THANK YOU for all of our Fans and especially the Fan Artists of SpongeBob SquarePants The Musical!  I know it's only the last chorus but I hope you love it!  

It is an AUDIO file you can DOWNLOAD (right click and "Save Link As...")!  

If you completed the #12DaysofSpongeBob challenge you can use it to make you own clip show.  If you're NOT an artist, you can make your own compilation video of your favorites (please tag the amazing artists! It's the polite thing to do).  

You can put the song into iMovie, GarageBand, PowerPoint, or even just lay out your drawings and put on the recording in the background.

Then post your AMAZING HOLIDAY VIDEO!!!!!

Don't forget to tag @SpongeBobBway , me @KelvinMoonLoh , use the hashtag #12DaysofSpongeBob , and tag other cast members (listed below) so we can find your video!!!


Hint: If you did the bonus draw of our director, Ms. Tina Landau- she makes a great first frame for your compilation video!  

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"The 12 Days of SpongeBob"

On the twelfth day of SpongeBob,

Ms. Landau gave to me-

Twelve Dobsons Drumming

Eleven Pirates Prancing

Ten Planktons Plotting

Nine Sardines Spinning

Eight Krabs a Krabbing

Seven Squirrels a Swinging

Six Garys Meowing

Pearls Belting Face

Four Tapping Legs

Three Skates Skate

Two B. F. F’s.

And a Pure Sponge in the Deep Sea.